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Auto Tune-ups in Peterborough

Bob Kelly Automotive offers professional auto tune-ups in Peterborough. Increase your vehicle’s fuel economy and longevity with regular tune-up services from our professionals. Our experienced technicians will ensure your vehicle is running smoothly. From fluid checks to oil changes, you can depend on us for comprehensive tune-up services.

Your Trusted Technicians for Car Tune-ups

If you’re facing any kind of problem while driving or if your vehicle’s gas mileage has decreased by 10% or more, you should consider bringing in your vehicle to our garage for a tune-up. A properly tuned vehicle is environment-friendly as well. Our tune-up services include:

Air and fuel filter changes

Spark plugs and wires

Pump checks

Fluid checks

Belt and hose inspections

Exhaust repairs

Brake services

Lube and oil changes

Electrical and trouble code diagnosis

We provide the high-quality workmanship and competitive rates. Contact our team today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment.




Our trained and experienced team at Bob Kelly Automotive offers auto detailing services at competitive rates. We use the appropriate tools, equipment and cleaning agents to make your vehicle gleam like new and ensure the interiors are spic and span.


Car Tune-up

Schedule an appointment for an auto tune-up service today.

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