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Air Conditioning Repairs in Peterborough

Bob Kelly Automotive offers air conditioning repairs in Peterborough. Our skilled auto technicians can service your vehicle’s cooling system so that you can enjoy the comfort of clean and cool air. You can depend on us for a range of auto repair services, including the maintenance and repair of air conditioning systems for vehicles for all makes and models.

Get Professional Air Conditioning Services

Travel comfortably in your vehicle during all seasons with our auto air conditioning services. Our experienced technicians can fix the AC system in your vehicle. You can rely on us for:

AC system repairs

EVAC and recharge AC

Cooling system service

Refrigerant charging

Seasonal checks

Temperature sensor calibration

Don’t suffer through the heat of summer. Bring your vehicle to Bob Kelly Automotive for air conditioning repairs you can depend on. We have the skills and the right equipment to diagnose the problem and fix it in no time. Contact us now if your vehicle’s air conditioner is not emitting the cool air it used to earlier.

air condition repair

Vehicle Air Conditioning

Schedule an appointment for car air conditioning repairs at Bob Kelly Automotive.

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