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Inspection Station in Peterborough

Do you think your vehicle is running fine? Just to be sure, bring it to us for a motor vehicle inspection and let us help you determine the value and condition of your used vehicle. When you’re buying a new car, or selling your old vehicle, or just purchasing insurance, trust our inspection station in Peterborough. Any defect discovered during an inspection will help you prevent expensive repairs at a later stage.

If our inspection exposes any problems that need to be addressed, you can rely on our technicians to provide the necessary solutions. To schedule an appointment, call us today!

Get Your Vehicle Inspected Today

When you walk into our garage for an inspection, you’ll get quick and prompt service from our experienced technicians. When it’s time for an annual inspection for your truck, SUV, or car, visit technicians Bob Kelly Automotive to ensure your vehicle is safe for the road. We are a certified state inspection station ready to provide service at a competitive price. Our inspection services include:

Safety inspections

Preventative repair and maintenance

Comprehensive and overall checks

Repairs needed to pass inspection

Recording all measurements

All components will be inspected thoroughly to keep your car as safe as possible. From large corporations to small businesses, we offer comprehensive fleet plans to fit every need. If you’re looking for bulk purchase discounts on commercial vehicles, get in touch with us. We can help you save with our local, hands-on fleet management services.


Safety Inspections

Bob Kelly Automotive is your automobile expert for annual vehicle inspections.

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