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Wheel Alignment Solutions in Peterborough

Bob Kelly Automotive offers professional wheel alignment solutions in Peterborough. Are you feeling vibrations while driving your car? Or is your vehicle pulling to one side when you drive? These are signs that your truck or car wheels need balancing or aligning. An alignment will make your tires durable and will also improve the fuel economy of your vehicle. Our wheel alignment service is available for two-wheelers and four-wheelers.

It is highly recommended that you let us do an alignment check after replacing front end parts or tires, so that it doesn’t wear out the tires.

Trusted Tire Supplier

From budget options to high-performance tires, we have an extensive collection of branded tires to suit most of your requirements. At Bob Kelly Automotive, we can supply all sizes, brands, and types of tires for almost all vehicles. We have tires for commercial vehicles as well. You can also depend on us for:

Wheel alignment service

Tire repairs and supply

Wheel balancing

Tire storage per season

Tire installation and fitting

To book an alignment service for your vehicle, get in touch with our friendly team. We offer complete repair service for tire punctures as well.

wheel alignment

Wheel Alignment Service

An out-of-alignment vehicle is difficult to stop, steer, and operate safely. Get your wheels aligned by us.

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